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Makeup Brushes 101

Dr. Dornechia Carter's tips for keeping makeup brushes in tip top shape

Keep it Clean for Clear Skin

Frisco dermatologist, Dr. Dornechia Carter has advice that can help keep your skin clean and beautiful. Mind your brushes. Make up brushes should be cleaned regularly, because they collect dirt, dead skin cells, makeup, and bacteria.

Use a daily spray brush disinfectant cleaner after washing your brushes, and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. This reduces the amount of makeup that remains on the brush after use and cleans them for daily use.

At least once weekly, wash your brushes in soap and water and allow to dry laying flat. If you stand your brushes on end, the water and cleaning solution collects in the hub of the brush and allows bacterial and mold overgrowth. I would recommend a gentle face soap, like Cetaphil, for cleansing brushes.

Another reason to wash brushes regularly is to SAVE MONEY. Applying makeup with dirty brushes requires more makeup with each subsequent application. A clean brush also applies the makeup more smoothly and contributes to a more flawless finish.

Do not share makeup or tools, especially wet products that require re-dipping (like a cream compact foundation). Mascara and eyeliner should never be shared, since there is a high risk of also sharing infections. Liquid foundation in a bottle is preferable to cream compact versions for this same reason.

I would recommend brushes over using sponges. First, sponges absorb foundation and powder in the tiny air cells and allow for even application, but they also make cleaning sponges really difficult. If you must use a sponge, consider discarding it after each use and do not store it inside the compact.

I would advise against wearing makeup underneath a mask. Why do it? You should be able to leave the mask in place anyway! Consider just applying makeup to the upper half of your face and your eyelids for a dramatic effect without increasing your risk for Maskne.

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