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Let's Talk Feet

Updated: Sep 20

Is this little piggy going to the nail salon, or is this piggy staying home? Let’s talk feet!

5 things to look for in a nail salon

1. Tools are individually sterilized in labeled packets. If you are approached and they dig a cuticle nipper out of a pencil box, RUN!!

2. Basins are cleaned with antiseptic solution after each visit, or, better yet, they place a single-use plastic bag in the foot spa for each client.

3. People are not permitted to “try on” nail polish. These nail salons often have a mannequin hand you can paint in order to see the color. This way, the paints are not contaminated (or just bring your own!).

4. Avoid those fish pedicures because...GROSS! Fish gnawing at your feet is not necessary. Fish pedicures have been linked to spreading diseases like hepatitis.

5. And if you opt for a mani with your pedi, don’t use the UV light to dry your nails at the end of your service. It is not necessary and it just ages your skin and increases your risk for cancer. But wait--what about gel nails? These require UV light to cure them. I would opt for powder dip nails or regular paint in lieu of gel nails.

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